Turn Asana into a Windows desktop app

  1. Create Chrome extension using Applicationize. Add https://app.asana.com to the field for Web App URL.
  2. Click on advanced options. Add a custom icon and you can name the app “Asana.” For “Would you like external links to open internally as popups?” toggle to Yes.
  3. Click the button “Generate & Download Chrome Extension.”
  4. Turn on Developer Mode in Chrome. Copy & paste the following into your Chrome toolbar:chrome://extensionsThen in the top right corner, toggle Developer Mode on. After doing this, you MUST restart Chrome so it takes effect. (Developer mode can be switched off after the extension is installed and it will continue to work.)
  5. Install the extension. Drag and drop the Chrome Extension to the Extensions page to install it. Make sure you drag the file from the Windows Explorer and not from the Chrome downloads bar (which won’t work).
  6. Pin your new app to the taskbar. This is optional but recommended for easy access! The Asana web app is now available via the Chrome app launcher. Pin it to the system taskbar.


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