How to: Remove a failed Domain Controller from a Windows 2003 DOMAIN

NOTE : This should only be performed if a DC has died never to return


From another domain controller, open a cmd window (START, RUN, CMD) and type the following commands EXACTLY as shown in the table below.

Replace the words inside angle brackets (<>) with the name of the server to be removed, otherwise the commands should be typed EXACTLY as shown below.

Follow each command with a <CR>

1) Ntdsutil
2) Metadata cleanup
3) Connections
4) Connect to server <enter another server name> (BUT NOT that of the failed server)
6) Select operation target
7) List domains
8) Select domain 0
9) List sites
10) Select site 0
11) List servers in site
12) Select server <enter name of FAILED SERVER>
13) Quit
14) Remove selected server

You will see a “REMOVE SERVER” dialogue box with a message that reads:

“Are you sure you want to remove the server object
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx? This is not the last server for domain xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

(The xxx above replaces the server and domain descriptions)


Click YES if you are sure you have selected the correct server

To finish:

• Go to Active Directory Sites and Services and remove deleted server object

• Go to Active Directory Users and Computers and remove the deleted server object (if still present)

• Go to DNS and remove the deleted server object records



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