How To import contacts to Nokia 3310 (2017) / 215 / 220 / 222 / 225 / 230

1- Backup your contacts from whatever device you have (iPhone, Android or Nokia) even you can export them from (Gmail, Yahoo or iCloud.. etc), but in the end we need it as one VCF file.

for example the file name you have is (Contacts.vcf).

2- Change the file name and the extension (Contacts.vcf) to (backup.dat). Use this tool. This tool formats the .vcf file to a compatible format for Nokia series S30+ phones.

Transfer contacts to a Nokia 222 (and possibly other Nokia series S30+ phones). It takes a directory containing .vcf files, and generates a backup.dat file compatible with the Nokia 222.

As a Nokia contact can only contain one phone number, vcf222 will create one contact entry per phone number in the .vcf file, adding a letter to the contact name so that you can identify the numbers (work, home or cell).

3- Connect your Nokia to a computer with a USB, you will get two choices on the Nokia screen (Charging only and Mass storage), choose Mass storage, then you will get a note on the screen with done button, don’t press done yet.

4- You will get a new Removable Disk, open it like you open a Flash or thump drive, Search for a folder name Backup, if you don’t find it then just create a new one with capital B.

5- Copy backup.dat to the Backup folder on your Nokia phone.

6- Go back to your Nokia and press Done and disconnect the USB.

7- On the Nokia go to Menu–>Settings–>Backup–>Restore backup–>Choose–>Contacts–>Done you will get a note Restoring data contacts and the phone will restart, wait a little until the phone power on and loading all your contacts.

8 thoughts on “How To import contacts to Nokia 3310 (2017) / 215 / 220 / 222 / 225 / 230

    1. From a Nokia 220 (which cannot boot anymore) which saves contact backups as a vcf file although its name is backup.dat.
      In the end I renamed backup.dat to backup.vcf and sent it as a regular file from my computer to the 3310 by Bluetooth.
      It seems the phone recognized the vcf extension and automatically imported the vcard contacts…

      Thanks anyway !

  1. I tried with my brand new 3310, it didn’t work. I copied the file backup.dat onto the phone but when I go to backup, I can’t choose “restore”, it’s disabled. But neither could I store a new backup. Do I need a SD card for this?

    Thanks for help in advance.

    Cheers, Martin

  2. m having a issue when i connect in via usb. When I select mass storage after connecting with USB, it specifies put in a memory card and there is no other option other than going back. Kindly provide the solution

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